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HKICPA Council Election Candidate

Man See Yee, Florence FCPA

Strive for greater development for CPAs

Election Platform

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“Entrepreneurs Supporting Plan” PDF Version

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“Entrepreneurs Supporting Plan” Detail Calculation

Assist Practising CPAs to source clients Newly registed practising
Provide an alternative choice to Non-Practising CPAs
Improve remuneration of accountants in general
Regain appropriate social status and recognition for accounts

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“Accountants INED Program” PDF Version

Recommend the implementation of “Accountants INED Program” to the Institute; Provide training and certification for independent non-executive directors (INED); Establish an “Accountants INED Platform” to link trained accountants with listed companies seeking INED talents

Introduction and Vision

• The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Professional Accountancy
• Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Practising)
• Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Practising)
• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
• Chartered Tax Adviser (HK) (CTA(HK))
• Council Member of The Society of Chinese Accountant and Auditors
• Member of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong

Former Employers
Ernst & Young - Transaction Advisory Services, Hong Kong
Deloitte Touche Tohmasu
- Transaction Advisory Services, Shanghai
- Audit and Assurance Services, Shanghai
- Audit and Assurance Services, Hong Kong

If you wish for:
1) Increased upward mobility for members
2) assistance for newly registered practising CPAs
3) improved remuneration of accountants in general
4) regain appropriate social statues and recognition for accountants, please give me the chance to assist you!

Support CPAs! Support entrepreneurs! Give back to the HK economy!
Grab a bigger part of the pie!

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Election Video

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Election Forum

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